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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  March 30, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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as the president debated whether or not the u.s. could start arming rebel groups. it was 30 years ago today that a gunman fired shots at president ronald reagan. a look back at that day and the only local tv interview with jim brady, the press secretary who suffered life-altering wounds in the assassination attempt. fox 5 morning news starts right now. let's take a look outside as we look at traffic on the wilson bridge, early on this wednesday morning. it's march 30th, getting close to the end of the month. one more day left in this third month of the year. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. glad that you are with us today. and i seem to recall this is going to be the nicest day of the week. did i miss that. >> i think yesterday might have been. i think you might have missed it. >> i missed it. i was hoping for this day. >> but this might be the nicest
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moment of this particular day. >> there you go, live for the moment. enjoy the next few minutes, it's going to be nice. and then we have the changes. >> and it's done. >> and it's over. yesterday the nicest day of the week. got up to 51 degrees. today our temperatures have already peaked and we have rain getting close. let's look at hd radar. good morning, everybody, we'll show what you is happening out there. not much happening around the area. clouds around us and sprinkles across fredericksberg and my understanding is it's not raining there right now but maybe in southern maryland a little bit of precipitation. but the bulk passing to the south across southern portions of virginia, north carolina and more rain pushing across the mid-atlantic region later on today. taking a look at temperatures across the area, they have been dropping off, 43 degrees now in washington. 38 in baltimore and at dulles. ocean city at 42. winchester, virginia, 39. and in frederick, maryland, it
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is 32 degrees. plenty of clouds today. high temperatures early this morning, temperatures will hold steady or drop during the course of the day. we'll see rain and off to the north and west you could see snow mixing in with the rain. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. we'll have more details for you coming up in a little bit. right now let's get a look at the roads and for that we go to julie wright. >> let's start off with what is happening to our friends out to the west. we have delays out here and that's due to a crash tieing up most of the roadway along northbound 28 as you make your way past or up toward 66. the center of the roadway is blocked, we have equipment on the scene to work around the scene of that crash. so again that's 28 headed northbound toward 66. westbound 66 at 267, authorities are now checking for a crash at that location. coming eastbound on 66, the remains of the accident at fair oaks is gone. delays for this begin back in centreville as you travel eastbound working into vienna. more slow traffic on nutley street to the beltway. the inner loop had the crash at arlington, tieing up the left
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lane. now gallows before 7 there is a crash. follow police direction to get by. southbound along 270 out of germantown, not a bad commute leaving father hurley. trav bunching up leaving mva and again at 370 to the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> and -- you can check out for the updates on traffic and weather from around the region. we have interactive maps and our radar and forecast on the weather page. you can find out how to down load our apps for your iphone, droid and blackberry so you are always connected to fox 5 news. we begin this morning with a crisis in libya. today nato is supposed to take over the no-fly zone enforcement even though the u.s. will maintain a leading role. and despite the coalition efforts rebel fighters are losing ground to sources loyal to gadhafi. >> this could add to the debate
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over whether u.s. should arm the rebels. doug luzader has more. >> reporter: the idea for the white house has been to scale back u.s. involvement in libya. but rebel forces are taking a pounding and looking for more help. >> reporter: rebel forces are on the move again in libya. but this time in the wrong direction. pushed back now as moammar gadhafi fighters gain ground they had just lost. >> we're advancing and retreating, this fighter said. president obama meantime was in new york yesterday hinting that u.s. and international involvement may escalate. >> we have to be prepared to take the necessary measures to uphold international peace and security and protect innocent people. >> reporter: but could that extend to arming the rebel groups that are outgunned by gadhafi loyalists. hillary clinton was in london yesterday. >> we have not made any decision about arming the
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rebels or providing any arms transfers. so there has not been any -- any need to discuss that at this point. >> reporter: but clinton has argued that the u.n. mandate for libya could potentially include arming rebel groups and that would create more tension in congress where there is little appetite for a prolonged fight. >> if our strategy does not succeed in forcing gadhafi to leave power sooner rather than later, we run the risk of prolonged and bloody stalemate. >> reporter: and the white house is strengthening ties with rebel leaders in libya, sending an enjoy to the rebel strong hold of ben gaudy. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> the president will lay out a plan for energy security, speaking at georgetown university. frustrating over oil and gasoline prices, the president said the u.s. needs a long-term energy plan. he hoped to boost domestic
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energy production. let's get an update on the nuclear disaster in japan. the country is announcing it is scrapping the damaged nuclear reactors for the six crippled reactors that will have to be decommissioned. and radiation levels in the sea water near the plant is the highest levels measured so far. it is more than 3,000 times the usual amount. they say it is not a jeopardy to people. the nuclear crisis not the only disaster in japan. there are hundreds of thousands of people still homeless and the lack of food and other vital supplies exist. pilots are delivering much- needed aid. this morning we spoke via skype with a pilot. >> our country is destroyed up north and the only life line are our helicopters at the
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moment. in this instance the government has unfortunately failed to come to the aid of the people. in this case we've gathered medicines, food, water, sanitary items, all of the basics we can get and flying them direct to the victims of the earthquake and the tsunami. >> there are still many opportunities to help the people of japan. we have links to several charity organizations on our website, now to a big local story we're following. test score tampering allegations at two d.c. public schools. >> now kaya henderson is calling for the inspector general to investigate. let's get more from sarah simmons who is following this story. >> reporter: good morning to you both. mckinley tech high school and noise elementary are the two under the microscope this morning. both were failing at beginning of michelle rhee's administration and both have made huge strides in performance by the time she left.
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now the inspector general is looking into accusation that's wrong answers were erased and corrected on standardized tests at mckinley and noise to boost overall scores. chancellor henderson sat down with fox 5 to talk about the allegations and he said the district responded right away and maintains there was in evidence of wrongdoing. >> dcps went above and beyond and hired the best firm possible to do the investigation but because i think that this becomes an issue of public trust and transparency, i'm doing two things. first i'm going to release the reports from cavian which we wouldn't normally do and show people what they found, which was no evidence of wrongdoing. and secondly i'm going to refer the matter to the inspector general. >> reporter: henderson said the attorney general is not only investigating allegations of grade-fixing at mckinley, but also its mishandling of $100,000 of grant money at that high school. the principal there david
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pinder has been placed on administrative leave. >> sarah, thank you very much. you can watch our interview with chancellor kaya henderson online at and click on local news. it will be another week still before we learn more about the hiring practices in mayor vincent gray's investigation. local leaders are square off against each other. david catania told the committee that he believes the public is clamoring to know if nepotism and other rules were ignored by the gray administration. but marion barry, who doesn't have a seat on the committee, walked in, put down his name plate and launched into catania's comments. >> it bothers me that mr. catania would throw out these loose and wild statements, that this government is for sale, it's a dam lie. >> i'm not going to respond in total to the many comments, the
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wild and ridiculous accusations of my colleague from ward eight. >> some witnesses say that catania wanted to speak on monday. the chair, mary cheh, said they are speaking with the u.s. attorney. maryland in an optimistic address from rushern baker. he delivered his state of the county address paint aig bright future for -- painting a bright future for the area. but they are still very concerned about crime in the county. there have been two dozen homicides notice county so far this year. >> we do have some issue with crime in certain areas. specially some of the areas bordering d.c. >> it's no good to wake up every morning and hear the statistics on the tv, so i'm hoping that with the police department and the community joining together, that we can get down to the problem. >> we're going to hear more
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from rushern baker and he'll join us here on fox 5 morning news this morning at 8:15. we'll get answers to the questions surrounding the state of prince george's county. breaking news now to bring to you from montgomery county. what you're looking at is sky fox live over the scene of a garage fire in montgomery village. this is on roads in montgomery county. you can see firefighters battling this blaze. it was reported around 6:50 this morning; less than half an hour ago. we'll stay on this one for you. it's 7:11 right now and 43 degrees on a wednesday morning and it was 30 years ago today that john hinckley, jr., fired outside of the washington hilton hotel in an assassination attempt on ronald reagan. a look at that day. and continuing to monitor metro. sarles opening open about the cuts riders will see if they
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have millions of dollars in cuts to spending [ music ] who is this, steve? >> is the song metro. >> and we'll get the latest traffic from julie and weather next. th one works.
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and the rates of their competitors. i saved hundreds when switching. we could use hundreds. yeah. wake up and smell the savings. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive. 7:15 now on this wednesday morning, as we still have just a sliver of sun out there this morning. temperatures not getting any warmer today though than where we are right now which is in the 40s. so not horrible conditions, but we were hoping by the end of march that we might warm things up a little bit. >> secretly i was hoping the same thing, steve. >> sure, we all were. if that's what you want this time of year. if you want to start moving into the spring-time feel and breaking out the short sleeves and all of that. not yet.
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we'll get there, though. and that is a pretty picture so it's not too bad outside. let me show you the current conditions at reagan national. our temperature holds steady for this hour at 43 degrees. relative humidity at 49%. the breezes out of the northeast at 6 miles per hour. here is a look at the satellite radar composite for the region. we have plenty of cloud cover. you did see that sliver of sunshine. and a little bit of precipitation down to the south. much more farther to the south, across southern virginia, the carolinas, areas of heavy rain. that's all tracking eastward. we'll start to see some precipitation get enhanced and move into our region by late this morning, early this afternoon, we'll get some of that coming through here. for some of you it will probably be mid afternoon as a matter of fact. now let's take a look at the five-day forecast. today, not a wash-out, because early today we're not having a rain. but by this afternoon the rain moves in. a cold rain with temperatures below the 46.
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we've already probably seen our high. temperatures will slowly drop during the course of the day and might hold steady and then drop off. there could be snow mixing with the rain off to our north and west. there is a winter weather advisory in effect for western portions of maryland. drizzle tomorrow, a few showers on friday and an early shower on saturday, but by sunday we start to dry out, we start to clear out. look for a high of 59 degrees on sunday. there you go, that's the latest with the weather. >> something to look forward to at the end of the week. >> yeah, you're welcome. steve speaks silly. >> as always. julie wright, what is going on. >> steve is just like everybody else, working for the weekend, right? >> there we go. >> here is the deal in the ville anl. along centerway road it is shut down in each direction. and it's due to this garage fire in the village along the roadway and that's why the highway is shut down. so let's pull up the pictures
7:18 am
in sky fox. chopper brad giving us a live look. they are dousing this fire with a lot of water. we're still trying to extinguish this fire and until that happens we have a portion of the roadway shut down. but the bigger portion is enterway, closed off in each direction until further notice. so that will only affect those on center way, traveling through the village, everything else is open along apple ridge bridge and that sort of thing. we'll update your ride elsewhere, along 270, lanes are open out of germantown. not bad heading toward mva. earlier accident still cleared to the shoulder and the lanes have been reopened. 66 in trouble, earlier accident moved over to the shoulder at fair oaks. big delays out of manassas headed east, northbound 28 approaching 66, crash causing delays. crash on the inner loop on
7:19 am
shoulder with a backup leaving 236. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. and fox 5 continuing to monitor metro. general manager richard sarles warns that if congress cuts $150 million in funding, riders would notice the impact. he claims there would be more delays and fewer buses. warn-out ticket machines will not be replaced. funding reductions are being considered to manage the budget. and the transit agency is reporting 14% of the escalators are out. just four elevators out systemwide. check the progress on the website. if you spot a safety concern, trouble on the tracks, problems with a metro bus, e-mail us your story, pictures or video
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to it was 30 years ago today that john hinckley, jr., tried to assassinate ronald reagan in northwest. the president was injured during the shooting along with an mpd police officer, secret service agent and white house press secretary jim brady. ainsley earhart has more on the even events -- events that happened 30 years ago today. >> i didn't know i was shot. in fact i was still asking what was that noise? i thought it was fire crackers. >> reporter: it was an attempt on the 40th president's life, 30 years ago, on march 30th, 1981. president ronald reagan was leaving the washington hilton hotel when john w. hinckley, jr., diseased off several shots from his 22 cal bar weapon. he was able to get within 20 feet of the president in a crowd held back only by a rope line near the hilton-side entrance. there were questions about security. >> what is adequate security.
7:21 am
this is a free society. >> reporter: a secret service agent and police officer were shot. >> one was shot in the head. there is blood pouring out of his head. >> reporter: that would be james brady, who was dealt a devastating injury. he later lobbied for a stricter gun control law dubbed the brady bill. >> my freedom was taken away by a deranged young man who purchased his handgun over-the- counter without a check. >> reporter: president bill clinton signed the measure into law in 1993, bringing federal background checks on firearm purchases for the first time. john hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity in 1982 and is confined to a psychiatric hospital. lawyers and doctors for hinckley asked a federal judge this week to grant him additional unsupervised visits
7:22 am
to his mother's home in virginia. ronald reagan died at 94 years old. >> in the 9:00 hour, paul will join us with more from that interview. 7:21 right now on this wednesday morning. coming up next, what movie stars george clooney and christie anna renaldo have to do with the trial of silvio berlusconi. and the court deciding if a lawsuit can go forward against wal-mart. and also this morning, it's beauty with a cause. holly morris is with the people behind haughty cosmetics to find out how they can help you look good and help a good cause as well.
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the wal-mart discrimination dispute has revealed a gender
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gap within the supreme court. three female judges took the lead in questioning attorneys. all three female justices expressed support and tussled with male colleagues on whether the females had their rights violated. justices will decide if the class-action suit of more than a million women can move forward. wal-mart maintains it's too big to sue and wants the women to file individual claims. an a-list actor and footballer could both be called to testify in defense of silvio berlusconi on charges of underage prostitution. the alleged victim who was 17 and attended the sex parties claims george clooney was at a dinner of the mansion. his girlfriend said she nor
7:27 am
clooney was present. she claims she was paid by soccer player renaldo for sex. we're going to take a closer look at libya next. and we'll get the latest weather and traffic from tony and julie coming up next. and also just a reminder, if you have something you want fox 5 to investigate send us an e-mail to fox 5 tips at with the field goal -- fox 5 tips at an all-veggie diet. is there a movie deal? thank you... [ chickens clucking ] now ladies, don't get any ideas. [ male announcer ] perdue. the first chicken company to have usda process verified programs.
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is there a movie deal? thank you... [ chickens clucking ] now ladies, don't get any ideas. [ male announcer ] perdue. the first chicken company to have usda process verified programs. 7:30 now as we look at traffic at 395. it's picking up as we close to the pentagon. h.o.v. lanes trying to merge in there to get across the bridge. it is 43 degrees near that scene at reagan national airport this morning. and we are down to 46 when we went on the air this morning. >> not a bad start to the day. cool and clouds, but not a bad start. it's later on today that we have to be concerned about as we see rain showers move into the region this afternoon by all likelihood. we'll see you where the precipitation is now. we did see a little down to the
7:31 am
south, fredericksberg. and then it goes away and pushes off to the east so some portions of eastern maryland seeing a little light shower activity. down to the south, more rain across southern southwestern virginia and into carolina and heavy rain just along the border. if you drive down that way you'll encounter that precipitation. heavy precipitation in western parts of north carolina. we'll see more of the moisture push into the mid-atlantic region during the course of the day today. and it will be with us tonight as well. now you've heard some mentions of snow. i want to show you the area covered by winter weather advisory. it is not here. it is not in baltimore. it is not in annapolis, nor leesberg. well out to the west, we're talking about portions of maryland, allegany county in particular where you could see light accumulations of snow before this is all over. i'm talking about a couple of inches out there as some wet snow mixes with the rain and perhaps even changes over to all snow for a brief period of time. but again, this is out to west
7:32 am
near the mountains and in portions of western maryland. our temperatures at this hour look like this: we are in the low 40s in d.c. but mostly 30s elsewhere. 43 degrees in the district. 41 in baltimore. 41 in quantico. out to the north and west, 39 in gaithersburg, dallas in dulles. martinsberg is at 35 degrees at this hour. forecast for washington for today: cool, cloudy, rain developing by late morning and early afternoon. for some of you, i don't think you'll get it until around 3:00 as it pushes in across the region from the west southwest. and then tonight we'll continue to see rain showers. a cool night with overnight lows dropping into the 30s. so cool and cold depending on where you are. five-day forecast, i think tomorrow morning we're still getting rain, showers or drizzle. and i think we'll see periods of light shower or drizzle activity through the day, not ideal conditions for the opening of the nationals season at nationals park. friday maybe a few lingers showers, 49 and breezy. breezy on saturday with an
7:33 am
early shower. and then clearing for sunday, at least partial clearing, with a high of about 59 degrees. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. now let's get more on the rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> playing with the tie again? >> it's always crooked. >> maybe you're just crooked. >> that's what i was about to say. maybe it's me. maybe the tie is straight and i'm off. >> maybe you should stand on one foot and lean out. on the roads right now, we're trying to follow the person in front of us in a straight line. if you're traveling northbound leaving duke street toward seminary, it's heavy and steady across the inbound 14th street bridge. 95 tied up from dale city to newington and a brief delay in springfield. this is the suitland parkway, bumper-to-bumper slow headed for the douglas bridge. all lanes are open. we have delayed inbound on the suitland parkway from branch avenue to naylor road and stanton road and the bridge.
7:34 am
suitland parkway to the inbound 11th street bridge slow. and traffic out of northeast slow. and 95 to georgia, there all lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. it's 7:33 now. two republican lawmakers want to stop military action in libya because they say congress never signed off on it. they say lack of formal congressional approval of the libya action is unconstitutional. here to talk about that and so much more, peter fenn and republican political strategist jim innocenzi. good morning. >> good morning. >> before we talk about libya, let's talk about the president's response to it. and i say response because the speech came after the action started. let me start with you, what is your take on how the president communicated this message, not just to congress but to the american people? >> the press results are mixed at best i think right now with his comments. i think he forgot about mission accomplished with george w.
7:35 am
bush because he went out there and -- i watched the speech, and it was five minutes of news and 25 minutes of platitudes and emptiness. it was like we went into libya because we can, and then he talked about being a leader, which everybody knows he really wasn't. and then he talks about well we've pushed back the gadhafi troops. and yesterday's news is the gadhafi troops have pushed back the rebels and insurgents once again. he keeps going out there and waiting to do this stuff and says things that are either half true or completely wrong. and i don't know whether that's deliberate or not. so i think the speech was eh -- that's what i think about it. >> you think everything the president does is eh. >> no, i think it could be bad. >> this is a tough situation, there is no question. the gadhafi forces were about
7:36 am
to overrun benghazi. they were about to slaughter the citizens of that town. you had huge pressure from the international community to act. you had the united resolutions and this is a little arm chaired general quarterbacking after the fact going on here. [ overlapping speakers ] >> but he's talking about the speech. i'm not talking about the public. >> you thought it was a good speech? >> i thought it was a fine speech. i thought it was -- >> you could write a speech in your sleep. >> the trouble with this is these are very tough complicated kind of situations and when you have the middle east exploding as it is, what kind of response are you going to get. and gadhafi shot down our
7:37 am
planes, killed americans, killed his own citizens. as a lot of the international community said, including the arab league, this guy has to go. >> as we move on beyond the speech now and talk about the situation and the timing there because you touched on the fact that the rebels are now being pushed back in some areas by gadhafi forces and we're getting word that we heard no boots on the ground and now we're hearing that folks are being moved into the coastal areas so the u.s. troops are ready to go if needed. what do you think and the question is whether or not the u.s. should arm rebels? how much is too much and how much should we do as far as the status of what is happening right now. >> well i think the president is being a bit disingenuous when he says no boots on the ground. he doesn't know what will happen. and if he believes air support from nato is going to do this, they are fooling themselves. and the earlier question in the show was when are we going to
7:38 am
get congressional approval on this. we spent half a trillion dollars so far on this effort, supposedly it's international in scope and we have a canadian controlling the situation and two americans on him that do command what is going on. i do think the president needs to tell the truth. we don't know what is will happen. and when he starts to talk about that and when he gets congressional approval, then maybe we can get some sort of unanimity. >> i think that's a fair point. this is very, very tricky to predict what is going to happen here. i think one thing you can predict is that there will not be american troops -- to boots on the sand of libya. i don't think you'll see any nato troops. i think the question of whether you arm the rebels is another question here. but whether there is a possibility of negotiating an exit for gadhafi, that's what their working on in london now
7:39 am
and that's the big pressure. the country is exploding, folks are -- this is not acceptable, you have to go. we're now holding $32 billion of his money right here after all. that could pay for a lot. >> it could. >> it could take care of the deficit too. >> that's a drop if the bucket when you are talking about it. >> not this year's deficit. >> let's talk about a battle here on u.s. soil and that's the battle for 2012. you have been going back and forth on your potential candidates and who we may or pay not see. jim, how long before we start to narrow this field down? >> i think you're probably looking at fall, maybe as late as winter before this thing narrows down. there are a lot of people throwing their hats in the ring. i think you'll see other people. some are very qualified and some are less qualified. some are much more qualified than the president, i think, in terms of executive experience in running thingsch the president never really ran anything. >> what about getting a vote to defeat the president? who do you think has that
7:40 am
potential? >> i think that the top four tier candidates, the governors and romney and pawlenty and daniels and barber, i think all of them could be chosen. >> i wouldn't put barber in that category. the president is looking pretty good. i think the trouble the republicans have, is they have to deal with -- >> he thinks it's funny over there. >> he has a 47% approval rating. >> every president over 45 has gotten re-elected. >> but the percentage is higher than congress. >> that's the other problem. >> anything can happen in politics, as we know, jim. but what you guys need to do is get donald trump and michelle bachmann and sarah palin off the stage because they are making total fools. and they are becoming the face of the republican party. i'm not sure daniels will run and we're not sure about huckabee. it may come down -- the two
7:41 am
serious candidates, i'll be very honest here, i'm not endorsing these guys, but i think the serious candidates are daniels, pawlenty and romney. >> and barber has a good show. you can't knock haley off. >> we have time to figure it out. you said it will be the fall and the winter. that's part of the fun. >> a lot of time. >> we appreciate you being here as always. we'll end it there for this week but we'll see you next week. globetrotter jim is off on another journey but we'll see you back here soon. >> i'll bring pictures. time now is 7:41 and it's 43 degrees. in the past prince george's county has had to deal with a corruption scandal that made national headlines but rushern baker said it is time to move the county forward. he'll join us live in the next hour. and also ahead at 8:00, as the supreme court decides whether a historic employment discrimination case against wal- mart can move forward, we will take a closer look at the case itself. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. it is 7:44 now. >> temperatures still kind of chilly out there this morning. going to stay that way. >> yep. going to be a chilly day today. temperatures for some of us in the low 40s. many of you in the 30s this morning and during the course of the day today as well. let's take a look at current teams around the region. we do remain at 43 degrees here in the district. however, plenty of 30s to go around. 37 in cambridge. gaithersburg is at 37. winchester, virginia, 39. manassas 39. quantico 41 at this hour. here is a look at the future- cast. now we have clouds over us now and we'll put this in motion and here is what we expect to see. by this afternoon, rain showers move in to the region. they will overspread the entire area. we have an 80% chance of rain essentially. off to the west, there will be wet snow that mixes with that rain. we're talking well out to the west, not here in the washington area.
7:46 am
still raining tonight as we look at these projections and with some of the snow falling in western maryland, there could be accumulations of 1-3 inches of snow in portions of western maryland and maybe some of the mountains as well. tomorrow morning, still raining. maybe some drizzle as well. and during the day tomorrow some periods of rain. still a lot of clouds. that's showing rain still tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. we'll have to wait and see if that happens or not. here is your five-day forecast. we have likely already seen our high today. temperatures will remain constant and will fall. rain developing during the late- morning and early-afternoon. tomorrow periods of light rain and drizzle, 46 degrees. friday 49. we start to get more mild on saturday with an early shower. on sunday 59 degrees. that will be better, but still below normal. but it will be better and closer to where we should be. >> not great weather for the nationals home opener tomorrow. >> it will not be.
7:47 am
>> we'll try to keep the rain to a minimum and get the game in. let's check in with julie. >> the game? what about the run on sunday? >> it will be 59. >> sunday will be nicer. >> okay, good run weather. no rain or snow and none of the messy stuff. and then a jet pack so i can finish. [ laughter ] all right, on the roads, not a lot going on if you are traveling at wilson bridge. pace is good between oxon hill and alexandria. outer loop past colesville, below speed. 50 on the slow side, 410 out of riverdale toward cheverly. new york avenue slow from the times building to bladensberg road and the entrance for the third street tunnel. 50 from bowie, lanes are open and at speed. traveling on the other side of town, delays inbound suitland parkway toward south capital street and the douglas bridge. there is problems with the signal lights south capital street at e. and n. and that's
7:48 am
keeping the commute jammed up badly through southeast washington and again affecting your commute off of 295. now checking for a crash at alabama avenue near pennsylvania avenue in southeast. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our facebook fan of the day is melanie presnell. if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day, find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news. no space between fox and the number 5 and then post a comment under melanie's photos. i'm just going to call her dimples. hear good morning and thanks for being the fan of the day. they are a cosmetics company that believes that true beauty is more than skin deep. >> holly is with the folks behind haughty cosmetics whose product supports a truly worthy cause. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, as if i needed another reason to buy lip gloss. well i have found it.
7:49 am
because we are live at at a new cosmetic company where we are live and we'll find out how the company got started and why you want to be a big supporter of it, live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. as
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
so this morning holly is making make-up. >> i love that. i wish i could make make-up. i'm going to do that now. haughty cosmetics sells their own make-up and this is fascinating. >> reporter: you know on the show survivor how you are allowed to take one luxury item, mine might be lip gloss. >> i'm with you. >> reporter: there are so many things lip gloss can make you do to make you feel better and a little extra pop and i'm
7:53 am
always searching for the perfect gloss and i think i might have found it in haughty cosmetics. i want to introduce you to michelle coil. she is the founder of this company. just launched in march. >> we're so excited. >> reporter: this is a very exciting time for you. and how do you decide i'm going to start a make-up company? >> it's more about i decided i didn't want to work for anybody else. i thought what do i want to do, i love make-up and i love this charity and i wanted to do something about domestic violence and i was thinking do i start a make-up company or a nonprofit and i thought i could do both. >> reporter: that is such an inspiring story. so let's talk about the actual starting of the make-up line. so what is on the market right now? >> our finished lip gloss that we are proud of it. >> reporter: and you have ten different shades. >> neutrals and bold. >> reporter: and every color in
7:54 am
between. >> yes. >> reporter: and so with that, where do you sell your lip gloss? >> so right now we're selling online and in the process of meeting with retailers. we hope to go into local boutiques here in d.c. >> reporter: and this is the big kicker, this is the beautiful part. pun totally intended. is that 50% of the proceeds. >> reporter: 50% of the profits go to domestic violence prevention. >> that's the most we can do and still stay in business. >> reporter: that's very generous. so you feel like that will come back ten-fold, right. >> let's hope so. >> reporter: and do you support different charities that help fight nonprofits or is there one? >> we have three that we work with. we've been working with becky's fund. and they go in and educate young people about the dangers doctor the dangers of violent relationships which is where we want to focus. and we have break the cycle in l.a. and leave out violence out of
7:55 am
new york. >> reporter: you just made me decide i want to buy all ten shades. and let's talk about them and the process of making lip gloss. we have gray ship, busy at work. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: so where do you begin when it comes to lip gloss? >> this is our pigment one. it's called keep it professional. and getting the pigment right is key to having a great color. so here we have the beige and then a magenta, and a pick and a glitter color to make it pop on your lips. >> reporter: so is it just trial and error? you put together different colors and see what you like. >> yeah, pretty much. when we started we thought let's try to make something that looks like this, or a rose color and then we would try and say it needs more white or black or brown and we spent a couple of days in the kitchen mixing pigments and coming up with some things. >> reporter: so you mix these together to go in here? >> yes. you need to do that. we set this up for you.
7:56 am
>> reporter: and what is the pigment made? >> micah, and that sparkles. >> reporter: are there a lot of ingredients? >> we'll look at that later, but our lip gloss is mostly made of hoe hoe bau. a lot of other lip glosses are plasticky and your hair sticks in them but hoe hoe bau is natural. >> reporter: i feel like i'm in science class but i would have liked it more if i was doing this. how much does it cost? >> $28 and you can get it online. is our website. we have a link to haughty cosmetics, located right here in old town virginia. don't forget, 50% of the profits goes to help stop violence against women. so we just have begun our shade this morning, allison. and steve, if you want to buy it as a gift or if you want to
7:57 am
wear it to yourself, keep that to yourself. >> i'll just give it to allison. >> thank you, holly. eventually we'll warm up this spring and that does mean home improvement projects are around the corner so at 58 we'll check out easy projects that will increase the home valley in the process. that's all coming up at 8:00. 
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it was 30 years ago today a gunman tried to take out president ronald reagan. today hear from jim brady, another man shot that day in his only local television interview. >> and then it is probably safe to say that every county if the country is going through tough times but last night prince george's county rushern baker painted a bright economic picture and promised a wealth of new business growth strategies in his state of the economy address. he'll join us live at 8:15. and also looking at five projects you can do around the home this weekend which are sure to add value to your property. good morning, thanks for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. great show coming up today and the tips on little things to do
8:01 am
makes a difference. we have that coming up later. great. let's check in with tony and look at the forecast. >> we'll jump right in. hello, everybody. let's bring it right to you. let's look at hd radar, and there is some precipitation out there and not in the washington area. we have seen some rain showers across portions of eastern and southern maryland. but for the most part the rain is down to the south, across southwestern virginia, southern virginia and the carolinas. some of the rain is heavy and that is snow falling out to the west in indiana, places like that. eventually we'll get this precip moving in here but it will take a few hours before that happens. temperatures across the region look like this: 43 degrees here in washington. you see where the cold air is to the north, 38 in new york city. 35 in boston. and then to the south, somewhat more mild air. not dramatically so. norfolk, 43 degrees. a cloudy day with rain developing by late-morning,
8:02 am
early afternoon. high temperatures today in the 40, but for the most part we've done those highs. our temperatures will hold steady and fall off during the course of the day today. more details coming up in a little bit. stick with us for that. >> hold steady and fall off. that's the headline. >> enjoy the hold steady part -- steady park. let's check in with julie. >> i'm holding steady. on the roads, not bad, a couple of hitches in our get along in washington at alabama avenue at 30th street and only left lane getting by. no incidents to report, southbound 270 clearing. traffic slow leaving mva toward the split. that's typical at this hour. as you are traveling along connecticut, delays from beech drive down to jones bridge. southbound 29 expect delays past the trader joe's toward university boulevard. meanwhile, if you are traveling 395 here at the 14th street bridge, lanes are open, traffic
8:03 am
volume will slow at the beltway, duke street and boundary channel over the potomac. in southeast, problems with the capital street traffic lights at t. street and n. and that's keeping you on the brakes through southeast. so a nasty ride for you unfortunately. coming inbound through northeast washington, live shot of new york avenue at bladensberg road. traffic slows from the times building to bladensberg road and north capital street to the third street tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our top story, this morning it was 30 years ago today outside of the washington hilton that john hinckley fired off six rounds from a revolver in an attempt to assassinate president ronald reagan. four of the bullets hit the president, a secret service agent and a police officer and press secretary jim brady. and he still undergoes physical therapy he calls pain and torture. he and his wife talk about that day and it is their only local
8:04 am
television interview. >> no bitterness, i don't think. we have worked hard to never let ourselves feel bitter. it's amazing that it's been 30 years. it just seems like yesterday. it still replays in my head just like a movie. >> it's the only thing that you can replace in your head. >> it's about the only thing that replays in my head. jim loves to make fun of me. >> still ahead at 9:00 we'll hear more about interview with the bradies straight from paul wagner. he'll join us live in studio. and the man who fired the shots is pushing for more freedom. hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity in 1982. he is largely confined to st. elizabeth hospital however doctors for hinckley asked a
8:05 am
federal judge this week to grant him additional unsupervised visits to his mother's home in virginia. a maryland teenager is accused of bringing a loaded gun to school. the teenager goes to school in frederick. the sheriff's office and school officials said he had a .22- caliber revolver and showing it off to friends. students told a school resource deputy. the deputy pulled the boy out of class and searched him and found the gun. the teen claimed he needed it for protection after a fight on monday. this morning the teen is behind bars at a juvenile detention center in rockville facing several charges. two d.c. public schools accused of tampering with tests to boost student grades. two schools are being investigated by the inspector general over the allegations that wrong answers were erased and corrected on standardized tests. school chancellor kaya henderson spoke to fox 5 about these allegations. >> we take testing so seriously that we hired a outside firm to
8:06 am
do an investigation. their conclusion was there was no evidence of cheating that happened at these schools. >> the attorney general is also investigating the mishandling of $100,000 in grant money at mckinley tech. and the supreme court is deciding whether the discrimination case against wal- mart will move forward. professor heidi feldman joins us this morning to talk about this case. dr. feldman, welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> what can tell us about yesterday's proceedings? >> well i think that the oral argument really showed the way in which the two sides are on a collision course, legally speaking. the justices asked tough questions of both sides because na legal point of view, a slam-dunk win. which is what makes the case so interesting. so you see the plaintiffs arguing, look, a large number of people were all injured in
8:07 am
the same way. it makes sense to use the class- action mechanism to do that even though this is a new context title 7 employment discrimination. and they are arguing that if you allow that, you're creating a template for waves of litigation. >> now we're expecting a decision -- or a ruling in the summertime. the largest sex discrimination case in american history. are we right to say this would be that? >> if the class is certified, then it is the largest in terms of the number of people who are claiming that they were affected by single employers, discriminatory policies. so, yes, that would be correct. it makes sense. wal-mart is the largest employer in the nation, so if it discriminates it's likely to discriminate against a lot of people. >> and the implications there, is that why it's so important and why people are watching this case so very closely? >> not so much i think because
8:08 am
of the sheer numbers of people, because wal-mart is big and there is a type of balance but the case brings up the possibility that even if you're not an enormous employer, people can come together to sue you for institutionalized discrimination and that would be a real milestone in the development of anti- discrimination law. >> but the nature of the numbers, we're talking about the large number of possible litigants here, it's not about the money in this case. would i be correct in saying that? or would they still get some sort of a -- a pay day. >> well the plaintiffs are not asking for compensatory relief. that would be the biggest amount of monetary damages, they are requesting back pay which is understood as a form
8:09 am
of injunctive relief. but per woman, the plaintiff's lawyers say that's only about $1,100. what they're really going for is wal-mart to change their personnel practices. so that's -- if the plaintiffs were to prevail and this class gets certified and the plaintiffs reveil, each plaintiff wouldn't get that much money but wal-mart would have to change the way it treats its employees to ensure equality based on gender. >> we have to leave it there. we'll be watching and hope to see you again on this subject in the near future, professor heidi lee feldman from georgetown law center. thank you, again. nine minutes past the hour on this wednesday morning. every local county is going through tough times but last night prince george's county executive rushern baker painted a bright economic picture and promised a wealth of new business strategies in his state of the economy address. we'll talk with him when we come back. and other stories making headlines this morning, including more on the 911 calls
8:10 am
made when a woman was swallowed up by a sinkhole. stay with us for that. again it is 9 minutes after the hour. 
8:11 am
i never wear the same thing twice. not together, anyway. i'm in t.j.maxx every week. i get this season's designer clothes and i still get to eat. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you.
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8:12 and 43 degrees. let's look at stories making headlines this morning. president barack obama said it may tike a while for gadhafi to step down. the u.s. is now considering whether to arm the rebels. they have been taking a pounding from the gadhafi army in the last couple of days and are retreating from cities they took over on the weekend. in japan, radiation in sea water is more than 3,000 times higher than normal but officials say it's not a threat to people. japan now said the cripples reactors will have to be scrapped and four of them decommissioned. 911 emergency. do you need police or fire or ambulance. >> i'm in the ground. [ inaudible ] >> chilly 911 call from a woman
8:14 am
stuck in a sinkhole. she was piking spices when the ground crumbled underneath her. her cell phone saved her life. she was able to call her husband and 911. this is the second time that chapman has found herself into a sinkhole. she fell in one a couple of years ago. >> she might want to have that property checked. >> right, the backyard. >> scary though. 8:14. you hate to think about that. >> it's a nightmare. >> fortunately she's all right. and tony perkin is all right and picking us up. >> and we're going to try to do that before the weather forecast with the my first 5 photo of the day. check him out, this is 3-year- old johnny. >> talk about getting an early start. they have the vehicles now for the kids. already on a four-wheeler. his favorite thing to do is to ride his four wheeler and explore the great outdoors. >> love it.
8:15 am
>> that's right. johnny is away on a trip right now apparently. he's going to come back in a couple of days. he's exploring -- no, i'm kidding. >> come back with a grizzly -- a bear strapped to the back. >> probably. to post your child's picture, go to and click on mornings. right now the temperature is 44 degrees. we've gone up a degree, how about that. relative humidity 45%. there are your easterly winds now, 5 miles per hour. here is a look at the radar. we saw some precipitation earlier. that's really pushed off to the east. it was light and to our south. there is more precipitation off to the south and west. we'll get that moving in here later on today. i think for the most part the morning is dry. don't think you'll deal with anything, maybe a little spit of rain but mostly dry this morning and late-morning, early afternoon we get rainfall moving in. it will come in from the southwest and west first. five-day forecast, today high
8:16 am
right around where we are now. we're at 44. we had a high earlier of 45-46 degrees. that's about it. rainfall developing later on today. off to the north and west, wet snow mixing with the rain. we're talking about western maryland toward the mountains. for tomorrow, periods of rain and drizzle. friday a few showers and 49. and friday we begin to dry out and 51. and sunday we'll get partial clearing going on, 59 for the high. that's a look at the weather. now let's get more on the rush hour traffic and for that we go to julie wright. tony, so far so good. no problems reported down at the wilson bridge. that stretch of land has been behaving nicely in each direction. unfortunately we do have the accident at 30th street in southeast. stay to the left. inbound new york avenue tied up from the times building past bladensberg road. slow traffic at the entrance to the third street tunnel. 50 is tied up leaving 410 out of riverdale. outer loop slowing around 95
8:17 am
and georgia avenue. all lanes are open. southbound along 270, the slow stretch from gaithersburgs leaving mva toward the lane divide. no problems reported on 29. slow at white oak toward four corners. we had problems on the beltway at 66 all of which have cleared. 66 is still tied up east of centreville and vienna. 395 across the 14th street bridge, all lanes are open. traffic volume is slowing from the beltway to seminary road, boundary channel drive to the bridge. slow past the c.i.a. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. recently prince george's county has been in the headlines for a corruption scandal but rushern baker said last night that he is moving the county forward. joining us now from the prince george's county administration building in upper marlboro is county executive rushern baker. good morning, thanks for being with us. >> good morning, glad to be here. how is allison doing?
8:18 am
>> allison is fantastic and tony is fantastic. waving to you. and the state of the economy is good. how do you describe "good"? >> i describe it in the opportunity for us to build upon our place in this region, the fact that we have 15 metro administrations that are underdeveloped or undeveloped and we're going to put a $50 million incentive fund together to help spur economic development in this region. i think prince george's county is going to lead the way over the next several years in commercial growth. >> you've been able to maintain your good bond rating, you've been able to maintain employment status to this point. but still dealing with deficits along the way. how do you balance that now moving forward? >> well one of the things i said last night was, in fiscal year '12 we're not going to have any layoffs, we're not going to furlough any employees and yes, we are maintaining our
8:19 am
triple-a bond rating. but the economy looks bad, the revenue looks bad for '12 and '13 and what we hope to do with the investment edi fund is to grow our commercial tax base and i think we're in a perfect position to do that. >> let's talk about a couple of other things in the county and how they may relate to this. one of them, as we talked about leading into this, involving your predecessor and legal issues coming up there. is it tough to overcome that from a publicity standpoint and trying to promote the positiveness of prince george's county? >> well sure, we have challenges in addition to those things that have happened can the former county executive and the way we get over it and the way we move forward, which i've tried to do in this administration, is one, by emphasizing the opportunities we have in prince george's county and capitalizing on it. two, by taking steps to make sure people understand you're going to get a fair shot here in the county. we just have two bills that passed in annapolis that passed
8:20 am
both the house and senal delegation and are going to the floor and i think that sends the message prince george's county is willing to put its own money into investing in itself. >> and how do you see the schools impacting the budget and the future of the economy in prince george's county. >> well the way the schools -- that is our number one issue here in prince george's county and we increased the school budget this year. we put an additional $14 million in. clearly not everything they need. but as a parent of a child in our school system, i understand the needs there. and so what we'll do with this economic development group, we'll grow the tax base to put additional funds into the school. and we're fighting hard in annapolis to try to get some of the money we lost this year and i think we're going to be successful at that. >> and one of the issues is
8:21 am
crime in the county and got off to a hard start with crime. and some do worry that maybe that perception might hurt things when it comes to promoting business in the future. how do you address the crime factor to keep people safe and then the business aspect of that? >> i think you hit on two good things and that is you look at a perception of prince george's county, whether you can get a fair shake here and the perception and whether what we are doing in public safety and if you look at the budget that i've proposed to the council, we increase public education and public safety, whether it's police and fire and corrections. so that people understand quite frankly that we're serious about moving the county forward and we'll invest in those things that we think will help us attract businesses and residents here. >> we wish you the best of luck and those in prince george's county. county executive rushern baker.
8:22 am
thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you for having me. it is 8:21 and 44 degrees. up next we'll look at five projects you can do around the house, talking about this weekend, which are sure to add value to your home. >> and though to-do lists are getting longer. and later on -- and it's good results. and also live back at haughty cosmetics, a new make-up line that is helping a good cause and we'll talk about how that could benefit people when we come back with holly. awh fseyn
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
it's 85:00 as 85:00 -- 8:25. virginia tech hit with a fine to the slowest response to the massacre. some say the school should have been fined even more. we now have a short list of recommended names for the new metro stations in fairfax county. they voted to approve the names for eight stations that are part of the dulles-metro rail project. here are the names. tysons mclean, tysons one and two, tysons central, tysons spring hill road. also reston, wheelie avenue,
8:26 am
reston town center, herndon- reston west, and herndon-dulles east. the four stations in tysons are scheduled to open in 2013. and good news and bad news about home prices. we'll start with the bad news. home prices drop nationwide. in many cities they are at 203 levels when the housing bubble was starting to inflate. economists expect prices to drop further making people reluctant to buy and sell and that would push down prices even more. here is the good news, just about the only major market weathering the second wave of the housing downturn is washington, d.c. home prices here have risen 11% in the past two years. so if you're trying to sell, a little better news. some simple thing if you are trying to get rid of your house to do to instantly increase the home value. >> these things are so simple you, you could probably do them this weekend. >> all of them? >> yes. steve novi ello joinss with a look at that list. good morning, steve. >> you don't want to spend all
8:27 am
of that time and the little bit of money on your honey-do list and to increase the value of your home. so we'll look at five things you could do during the course of the a weekend to improve the valuement and we'll start with number one, are you ready? update the fixtures in the master bath. the new reality is this, water shooting out of the imagine of a brass swan is no longer a selling feature. i don't care who you are. so i -- >> change it out. >> i would get rid of all of the brass in any of my bathrooms and replace it with a brushed nicole or chrome. and it's very inexpensive to do. you run down to the home improvement and pick up new polls, they are 25 25 -- 25 cents each. and if i'm a buyer and i see you didn't pay attention to the things that i can see, it makes
8:28 am
me question about the things i cannot see. >> and you say step up storage. but tell us what is the most beneficial? >> it doesn't have to cost a penny first of all. if you want step up your storage, get rid of some of it and you have more storage. the second way to do is is to add another layer of shelves on top of the shelves you have. and remember the back of doors is great real estate for storage. there are hanging units that you can buy. you can attach them to the back of an interior closet door and now you have more storage. >> and this one is neat and i remember when i was trying to sell a house and buy a house. what makes a bedroom and it's a closet. you say we can do this in a weekend? >> you can add a closet in a weekend. you need about 2.5 to 3 feet in a room and when you put your house on the market there is a huge price between a two bedroom with a den and a three bedroom. so if you have the two or three feet to do it, add a closet.
8:29 am
now you can still use it as a den or stage it as an office but when you put it on the market, you'll get that much more money to it. >> and if you were to walk into my home you would see a reddish, maroon dining room and a green kitchen and chocolate brown bedroom. i like it, but you might not like it. you say to get rid of that. >> that's exactly the point. you love it, but my house has dark colors also. and we like it, but we're not buying the house. we already bought the house. make sure that when somebody walks into your home they have no problem picturing themselves living there. and not beige. i see so much beige. try the light dove gray, the new neutral. >> that's a good one. and the last one is simple. clean up the joint. >> just do it. and in a few seconds we have remaining it amazes me how many people don't do this. i go to open house to see the local market and i walk into
8:30 am
people's homes and they are filthy. get the magnets down off the frig and take down the art projects. when you put the house on the market, it ceases to be your personal home. i don't want to see your hone moon pictures, i want to see my own. and look at the baseboards and windows and clean them. because people are looking for these things. >> these are great tips. steve novi ello, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> if all i have to do is repaint the house, add a few closets, update the fixtures, that's fine with home depot. >> but i bet you can get it done. you can do each one in a weekend, how about that? >> that's a deal. >> projects better for the indoors. >> how about getting outside to take a look at the cherry blossoms before they go bye- bye. >> in the next couple of hours
8:31 am
it will be okay. but it will be raining later on this afternoon so bring along an umbrella or rain jacket. and the good news is that the blossoms are likely to hang tough through the weekend, even with a little wind. >> got a little more time. >> and is it going to warm up this weekend? >> i think sunday is beautiful. by this weekend we'll start to dry out but we'll be in for rain later today and some chilly temperatures. check it out, 44 in the city. 39 in gaithersburg. the mid 30s off to the north and west. hagerstown 35 and 36 in martinsberg. off to the north and west you'll see a mix, rain mixing with snow at times, maybe a little sleet here and there. but here in the immediate washington area, i think we'll just be talking about a very cold rain. here is your future cast. and again cloud this is morning, to do the tidal basin and cherry blossoms, you're fine. by the late afternoon the rain showers will move in. a winter weather advisory well off to the west for a couple of
8:32 am
drifts of snow during the day. and you can see the rain across the area during the evening hours. it will start to let up during the late overnight. and here we are tomorrow at 10:00. and steve was asking about the nationals game tomorrow. it will be chilly and drizzle around but i don't think it will rain during the game. and your future cast, a lot of clouds and even drizzle. 46, good luck getting there, we'll get there already. and here is your five-day forecast. not a lot better until second half of saturday and sunday when they are in the upper 50s by sunday with sunshine. >> that will feel so much better. thank you, tucker. >> first pitch tomorrow 1:05 p.m. >> and we're going to be there, some of us. >> we'll be out there tomorrow morning. dave ross will be in and we'll have fun tomorrow morning. stick around for that. and when you think baseball, you think it's spring and it's time to brighten up your world. >> so many people do not see enough sunlight every day which
8:33 am
can lead to negative effects on the body, mind and spirit. but there is something that can help you light up your life. lauren demarco joins us from the smartphone zone and this is great because she lights up our life. >> oh, how sweet. you light up my life. and this is called happy app. a suite of app that's used light therapy to energize you and help your mood. the woman that created it worked in animation for lord of the rings movie. she said the crew worked over time seven days a week, and we know what it's like around here, and all of that time indoors can take a toll for you. that was the platform for her idea. monica sing haley spoke with me about the happy app and how it can help you. >> it's based on traditional light therapy boxes used to fight depression and seasonal effective disorder. that's where we came up with the idea of bright light in
8:34 am
your room as part of an ambience to add simulated daylight to fill in where you are not getting enough daylight in your life and from there added ideas about color therapy which is used by holistic practitioners to affect mood and parts of the bodiment and added a sleep function where there is a dawn emulator and i added a dusk emulator which is helpful for my kids to help fall asleep and some ambience noise-makers and information about how color and light help you improve your mood and your overall health. >> to all of your skeptics out there. monica said there are a lot of study that's found light therapy does help improve mood and said the i pad and iphone qualify to produce enough light in that sense. as far as color therapy, that is still an emerging field which is being used by holistic practitioners for hundreds of years. i thought it was cool that you
8:35 am
can search for specific parts of the body and see which color is recommended for you. as far as the dawn emulator, i'm skeptical about that one myself. i actually set four alarms every morning to make sure that i get up. so i'm sure that it would be a much more peaceful way to wake up with the light. i'm not too confident that relying on it would work for me. but monica said the practical use is to try it first, set your regular alarm for shortly afterwards that way hopefully you're already awake when the alarm goes off. the happy app is available for the i pad and iphone only and it costs $1.99. for more information head to and look under the mornings tab for the smartphone zone and you can submit any ideas for an app you would like to see featured. allison and steve. >> i don't think i'd like that to wake me up. >> maybe i'll try it on the weekend. >> it's good what lauren said, set it first and then the alarm
8:36 am
for a couple of minutes afterward. >> it's a good alternative. >> trust me, we all know how annoying the alarm is. 8:25, when the president encourages you to do something, you might want to think about doing it. >> find out who he is encouraging to run for united states senate. and then michelle obama will stop by a local school today. where and why, when we come back. amy sd nosis-- i was told to go home, retire, and enjoy the time i had left. to say it was a shock is just a complete understatement. i mean, i don't think there are words. she had put up a really good fight, but it was her time. you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer. i had no choice. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. that 3-day gave me that opportunity.
8:37 am
and i can actually do something to help. i think it's a very bold thing to do. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. i'm sure if it was 100 miles, we'd still walk it. it was a big statement for me of... (voice breaks) i'm alive. we can do this. we can do this. we can rid the world of this terrible disease... so that no mother... granddaughter... sister... daughter... mother... go through what my wife had to go through. this is more than just three days. this is a lifetime. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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if you're looking for work, check out our job shop and our job of the day is with first potomac realty trust. it's looking for a construction manager in columbia, maryland. candidates must have five years experience in commercial construction management or engineering. for more on this job go to and click on job shop tab on the top of the home page. president barack obama is nudging tim kaine to run for senate. the dnc chair and former
8:40 am
virginia governor introduced the president at a fundraiser last night in new york. president obama said kaine would make an outstanding lawmaker. he's been considering a run for the senate since webb announced he will not seek re-election. he will face senator george allen. michelle obama wrapped up women's history month by going to ballou senior high school to speak with students about achieving their goals. gina davis and hillary swank and susan g. komen for the cure founder will serve as guest mentors visiting several area schools. time now on this wednesday morning is 8:40. so american idol is on tonight. allison will be watching as always. >> more on the theme and the importance of song choice. how many times do we have to say that. holly? >> reporter: i'm talking about the importance of lip gloss choice. you want to choose just the right shade and just the right company and i think i found it
8:41 am
this morning as we are live at haughty cosmetics in old town alexandria. coming up we'll talk more about the -- the process of how they are making their new line of cosmetics and making a difference with a very important cause. it's all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
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# 44:00 now. a new make-up line is launched in d.c. it benefits a good cause. >> holly morris is at haughty cosmetics in old town today to learn how they make the all- important lip gloss. holly, take it away. >> reporter: let me tell you, on the top layer, this might seem very superficial, but i love it when i meet people that have thought of everything and that's what we found here at haughty cosmetics, especially with michelle coil when is the founder. and although we're talking about something as simple as lip gloss, one of the things you wanted to launch is when we feel beautiful, we feel empowered. >> absolutely. and that's what this is about. we're selling a product to benefit a cause. and cause is the most important thing. and part of it is empowering others and that makes you
8:45 am
beautiful inside. >> reporter: and i like that you say people think you can be beautiful or smart and successful and you can't be both. and you are saying i think you can and i need to sell lip gloss to those ladies. >> i look around at my friends that are intelligent and successful and do keep their hair and face nice. it's not that you're shallow if you care about the -- the way you look. and that's not what we are marketed to. >> reporter: and the lip gloss is sold in ten different shades, 50% of the profits go to help stop violence against women. they support charities to do that. grace shift is with us in the middle of the process. and where are we now of the making lip gloss? >> we've got our jojoba formula in there. >> reporter: and that makes it
8:46 am
gooey. >> right. and then we have our next vanilla flavor, very calming and then a provitamin b that conditions the lips and a vitamin e which keeps the lipstick on and protects the color. i don't even wear lip balm, i wear this every day and it provides conditioning and it's great. >> reporter: and did you say these are out there that we look, characteristics that we like and don't like and i'm sure not all of them are created equal so how did you find the products just right for your concoction. >> we bout everything. if it's on the market, we bought it. it was glutonnous for us, and it was part ofous job. we wanted to find the best thing and see what everything that is great in this category has x or y and how can we make it like this. and we use testers, a group of
8:47 am
friends or family and we come one a sample, we send it out to our test divas and they say i like it but it needs to be more moisturizing, and what not. >> reporter: and tell me about your name? >> we were looking at all of these other products and saw that the names were degrading and sexual, so it's vixen or tramp and a way we are marketed to as women and you're on a 15- year-old model. that's not who we're talking to. we're talking to together, professional women and we want to name our colors thing that's speak to them so our names are like career advice like pull it together or polish it off and wearing it at work. >> reporter: that's awesome. is our website and we have a link to purchase the lip gloss. there are ten different shades online and it's $28 and half of
8:48 am
that will go to help stop violence against women. coming up in the next hour we'll finish the process and maybe i'll have to become a test diva myself. i'm here and it's also my job. back to you in the studio. >> if you're there, you should take advantage of it. it's 8:48. a lot of talent on display at american idol. tonight the top 11 will perform the music of sir elton john. >> one of the hardest decisions the contestant faces are song choice and anita vogle sat down with the judges and finalists to talk about the pressure. >> got on your feet, america. >> reporter: still hovering at 11 for the second week the idol finalists have their work cut out for them an importance decision is always song choice. [ singing ] >> you're going to have to take the songs like you're writing out a hit list for your show. but each week i want to do a
8:49 am
rocking song and then you do a slow song. you have to keep it entertaining. >> reporter: e entertain ing for the voting public and impressive for the judges. >> think it's tougher because they have two or three longs they've learned to sing and they're all 6. they're young. they're teenage young and they are in their 20s and they may have sung 20 songs in their life and now they're being asked to step out of the circle and sing something else and represent whoever they are. >> you took a big chance in doing that, i love that you ripped it. >> every time they are out there they have to create a great moment on stage that will make the audience going wow. and whoever does that and doesn't make that wow, is going to be in danger of going home. [ singing ] >> and with so much at stake, absorbing the judge's advice and then executing it on stage is tougher than anybody might think. >> you have to go with what you are comfortable.
8:50 am
i love ballads but i love to have fun on stage and i look forward to challenging myself. >> at some point you have to stop worrying about what people think or want to hear and you have to do what is best for you and what is you. because that's what america wants. [ singing ] >> reporter: tune in to see who america wants to keep this week on american idol. in hollywood, anita vogle, fox news. >> talent so good this year. >> it is pretty good. i like it. >> well you can catch american idol tonight at 8:00 right here on fox 5. >> and we'll talk about it tomorrow of course. and we're talking about our facebook fan of the day. a good morning to melanie presnall. she's been trying for a long time to be the fan of the day. she asked yesterday how many times does chef to comment to be the fan of the day. well, worry no more, because today you are our fan of the day. yesterday we had 90 people request to be the fan of the day. melanie was declared the
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winner. find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news and post a comment under melanie's photo. i hope you have a great day today. it is now 10 minutes before the hour on this wednesday morning. a look at the best hospitals in the d.c. area. and after 9:00, a closer look at food dye and hyperreactivity in kids. stay with us. we'll be right back. .
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welcome back. there are now a new ranking out of the best hospitals in the washington metro air yach the u.s. news and world report released the best medical care in the biggest areas of the country. for d.c., washington hospital was number one. washington hospital center, i should say. and in ova fairfax is at number one. georgetown university hospital was third. and washington adventist hospital is four. john hopkins ranked number one for the baltimore area. they looked at the overall best hospital list. the maker of tylenol
8:55 am
recalling more bottles because of a moldy spell. johnson and johnson said this is for 8-hour cap lets. they got complaints about musty and moldy smells in the bottles. they were produced at same plant in pennsylvania that was the resource of last year's massive recall. coming up on 9:00 right now. i'm going to step out and tony is in to join allison in a few minutes to take you up until 10:00 a.m. >> have a great day. straight ahead paul wagner is with us. he sat down to talk with jim and sayrey brady, jim brady the white house press secretary who was wounded in the assassination attempt on ronald reagan 30 years ago today. 5 minutes before the hour. we'll see you after the break. blue diamond almonds!
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. here is a look at stories we're following for the 9:00 hour. it was 30 years ago today that president reagan was shot outside of the washington hilton hotel. now decades later his press secretary james brady and his wife sarah sit down with fox 5's paul wagner to talk about that day and life since. paul joins us in studio to talk about that interview. plus the fda is holding hearings this week about dye and preservatives in our food. could they be linked to hyperactivity in our kids? we're talking with ruth accuse, with children and adults with attention deficit disorder. and what happened when you take a group of 80 and 90-year- old women to a chippendale's show. the details behind a sexy senior field trip coming up. >> i suspect they had a good time. tucker barnes is in the weather


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